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Paul Smyth

Your Wake-up Call

What wakes you up in the morning? Perhaps it's an alarm clock or your smart phone; the family pet or hungry children; or maybe even a neighbor asking to borrow half a dozen eggs for an omelette which you won't get a bite of! At our house, we don't need anything...

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One Day at a Time

I admit that I find it difficult to live in the moment. It's simply too easy to look ahead and begin to worry over something that hasn't happened yet. And then more often than not, when that worrisome event arrives, it wasn't that big of a deal in the first place....

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Embrace the Moment

When events in your life go sideways, what type of physical reaction do you have? Perhaps you laugh, cry, or maybe even both at the same time?! Or possibly a quick burst of anger is your thing, followed by tossing your smart phone across the room? Whatever your...

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An Incredible Truth

Do you know what amazes me about our Savior? It's the astounding truth that because of the cross, that by His death and resurrection, Jesus makes possible the free gift of salvation by grace through faith! Sometimes I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the...

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Waiting in the Wings

I've never been an early riser, but over the past few summer months I've been waking up with the birds. Mostly crows and magpies, their vocal chords are in my opinion not blessed by God with tranquil song. Their abrasive rise and shine squawking begins at the crack of...

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Start the Car!

Imagine for a moment that you've just stepped into the most amazing store ever. It could be electronics, clothing, shoes, home furnishing, or whatever peaks your interest. Then picture yourself finding the most incredible piece of retail bliss you could fathom. I'll...

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Praise and Thanksgiving 

It's not always easy to praise God when our lives are congested with an overabundance of trouble. Perhaps you find it easier to offer praise and thanksgiving when the wheels of your life are gliding over smooth, freshly paved highways and all is well with your soul....

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All I am is in Your Hands 

Sometimes life just doesn't make sense. And it's during those moments of uncertainty that I wonder if God knows what he's doing. As I've discovered and maybe you have too, life as a believer in Jesus Christ does not grant us a divine prescription for a trouble free...

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Take a Back Seat

I've always enjoyed driving. When my children were small and we vacationed as a family, I felt privileged to be anchored behind the steering wheel where I could be in control and keep my family safe to the best of my motoring ability. As a child I always felt secure...

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Waiting on God

Are you waiting on the Lord? Perhaps you've been praying feverishly amidst a troubling circumstance in your life, and so far God has remained silent. Maybe through a volley of tears with arms lifted high, you've asked in faith for God to provide physical healing, a...

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