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Lyn Chaffart


Ever wish you could be three places at once? Now that takes real talent. It is the ultimate in multitasking to be able to do three things at one time, but to be three places at once is impossible. Or so I thought, until the day I found myself not just in three places...

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Deliverance Through — Knowledge

There are certain things that we know that we know that we know. We know that spring will eventually come. We know the sun will come up in the morning and go down at night. We know that a bed or a couch will hold us up. We know that if we are hungry, food will satisfy...

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The Cut

I cut the tip of my index finger slicing lemons the other day. It was a deep cut, and naturally, it bled everywhere. I bandaged it up and proceeded to go about my day, only to discover that the finger got in the way for everything I tried to do. Even though it was a...

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