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Lyn Chaffart

Rain on my Camping Trip

As I listened to the torrential rain falling on the roof of our trailer, I couldn't help but think: "No, I wouldn't have pre-ordered such weather for this camping trip..." And it rained through the night and as we started out on our first hike of the morning. In fact,...

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The Poison Apple

The tomato was once known as the "poison apple". This myth was held for over 200 years in Europe due to the fact that aristocrats got sick and died after eating them. The truth of the matter was that the high society in Europe used pewter plates. Pewter has a high...

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The Oven Vent

God has been speaking to me a lot lately about the complacency of the church and how it so often shirks its responsibilities to the love one another. In fact, regarding the majority of the North American church, God recently gave me Psalms 102:6-7: "I am like an owl...

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Muscle Knots

I must hold a lot of tension in my upper body, because after just a few minutes of working in the kitchen, I develop muscle knots between my shoulder blades. After several months of trying different things to relieve the pain of these muscle knots, I discovered the...

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The Missing Ingredient

My current student loves a certain dish made by her mother. She has tried several times to recreate it, but her efforts always come up short. One weekend she went home and watched her mother make this dish, and she discovered something: She was missing some of the key...

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The Meter-Reader

As I glanced out the kitchen window this snowy Saturday morning, I was astonished to see my neighbor, all bundled up in coat, boots and toque, walking across the yard behind my house. Why? I could think of no other reason than he was coming to knock on my back door,...

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Letting God be God

I just can't seem to get this parenting thing right. Oh, we made it through the terrible twos. We struggled and almost sank in the tween and teen years; but by the grace of God, we remained afloat. We thought we had it mastered then. Reality, however, always has a way...

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