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Lyn Chaffart

The Root of the Problem

Back in my younger and more adventuresome days, I signed up to run in a 5-km race sponsored by the local school board. I diligently trained for the run, and by the Thursday before the Sunday run, I was ready. There was only one problem: during that Thursday night, I...

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When our boys were young, we purchased a 10-foot pop-up trailer and towed it through most of Canada. It proved to be an inexpensive, fun way to travel, and some of our fondest vacation memories are of camping in the Maritimes, traipsing across the Canadian...

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Receiving Your Rachel

The story is recorded in Genesis 28 and 29. Jacob, fleeing his brother and far from home, received a vision of God (See Gen. 28:10-17), assuring him that God would: a) Give him the land of Canaan (vs. 13); b) Make him a mighty nation that would bless the...

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Rain on my Camping Trip

As I listened to the torrential rain falling on the roof of our trailer, I couldn't help but think: "No, I wouldn't have pre-ordered such weather for this camping trip..." And it rained through the night and as we started out on our first hike of the morning. In fact,...

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