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Lyn Chaffart

What IS Joy, Anyway? JESUS JOY! Restoring the Joy of the Christ Child–All Year Long! — Part 1

The Bible speaks of everlasting joy that will never fail. Why is it, then, that the joy we experience on earth never seems to last? Is it possible that we do not truly understand what joy is? In our search for a definition of joy, perhaps it would be easiest to start...

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Changing Constants

It is a windy, fall day in October, 2017. After several weeks of beautiful Indian summer, mid-October has finally brought some more typical fall weather. It still isn't 100% what we would expect for the fall, however, for although there is a definite fall wind, it...

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The Bellbird, Part 1

We were entering a campground in Eden, a small town on the southeast coast of New South Wales in Australia, when we first heard, in the air all around us, the silvery tolling of tiny bells. When we looked around, however, there were no bells to be seen... I asked the...

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