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Lyn Chaffart


I want to bubblewrap my kids. You know what I mean. Deep in every loving person's heart is the desire to protect those we truly love from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm. We want to shelter them from the bullies, we want to keep them out of hurtful...

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Wreck Beach

On the southern coast of Victoria, Australia, there is a small beach where the remains of two different shipwrecks can be seen: Wreck Beach. Wishing to see the wrecks, my husband and I bounced over a very rough, unpaved road for over 6 km and then scooted down a...

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Famous People

I discovered that there had been someone famous in my office... As a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) in an active stroke rehabilitation program, it is standard for family members to accompany their loved ones to speech therapy; and when a new stroke survivor showed...

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