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Jacqui Julian

Come as a Child

"For I the Lord God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee; Fear not; I will help thee ..." (Isaiah 41 v 13) Come as a child Into my kingdom Not of this world But Mine Eternal! Come as a child I saw your form I made you For Me For My glory Come as a child The...

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  Holy, Holy, Holy A Poem  

It is a terrible thing Falling Tumbling Do you need saving? What from? You say! The Living God Holy is He No stain Before Him All have fallen Who can then be saved? Run to Jesus Time is of the essence His perfume Joy Time is of the essence Jesus is the answer Mighty...

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Your Grace so Freely Amazing (A Poem)

"The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger"  Job 17 v 9 Oh Lord Thou art my righteousness Bought for me Calvary's cross Redemption Such love Bowed down We know Your grace So freely Amazing! Abide in Me He...

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  This Tender Heart of God A Poem

Who stills the loudest storm How can this Lord of Heaven Be our Saviour until the end? He promises peace to reign In our hearts and life of sin He knocked on the door at night Saying won't you let me in? This beauty we cannot behold His grace so dazzling white But His...

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  In This Sin-Marred World A Poem

In this sin marred world, The curtain is drawn against heaven, God is just a fragment of glass, Shredded into grains of sand, Flowing through our fingers, Into emptiness - gravity. Man's word has pronounced, The death sentence on us all, Hope concrete room; hell,...

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  I Never Knew A Poem

Blast from the past, I remembered my youth, Folly; darkness, Empty, Alone. I never knew, How wretched, Forlorn, My heart did crave. From bad to worse, The illusion, Into delusion, War, Factions, Against my soul! Truth, It's door slammed, Into confusion, Terror Each...

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  Believing is Seeing A Poem

Believing is seeing, Impossible to possible, Sighs into despair, Never say never, ' Do you still love me?', Mists of doubt, I'm not perfect, Sin is always before me, Failure; every hour, Wickedness surrounds, The heart is deceitful, 'Lord, hear my cry', Come to my...

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