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Donnie Black

 Life-Giving Stream

While I was taking a walk in the park, I noticed a pair of swans just over the fence. They were drinking water from a stream which flowed down from the hills above the town. The water was fresh and clean. The swans had been swimming around in the sea which is salt...

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The Seatbelt

A few years ago before my wife retired from nursing, she was getting ready to leave the parking lot after her days work. She noticed an older gentleman driving out before her onto the main road. He had only gone a very short distance when he stopped and put on his...

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The Turning of the Tide

While staying on the island of Mull for a few days one afternoon I sat by the waters' edge on the South shore of Ben More. I was feeling a bit depressed and disappointed at my attitude as a Christian. It was the summer holidays and our Sunday school was on holiday for...

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