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Donna Howard

Sing Praise to our King

The tree is lit, The gifts are wrapped, And snow lies on the roof All in stillness Awaits the time Of God's great gift of love Rejoice my heart And give Him praise, For Christ the Lord is born He left His throne, He came to earth, And died upon the cross He came to...

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Praise His Precious Name

God was good to Noah; H spared his very life. Though Noah had to handle Others snickers, laughs and strife. God was good to Daniel; He kept him safe and sound. Though they threw him to the lions; Though they tossed him to the ground. God was good to Joseph; Though his...

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We Give Thee Thanks

For the soft-falling dew That gives an early morning drink To the things You created, We give Thee thanks! For the whispering wind Blowing gently through the trees Teasing our hair with its breeze, We give Thee thanks! For birds on the wind That thrill us o'er and...

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Why is Winter so Special?

Why is winter special? I asked myself today. There really isn't very much to make it bright and gay. But then I took another look, and much to my surprise, A fairy tale of secrets was revealed before my eyes. The pine trees wear a white fur cap and an elegant matching...

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By the grace of God He saved my soul He saw that I was lost He came and gave His precious life He did not count the cost. He gave it gladly, just for me Yet included all mankind For those who accept His sacrifice Not one is left behind. Oh, precious Lord, I praise...

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Praise to my King

All in stillness Awaits the time Of God's great gift of love. He left His throne He came to earth And died upon the cross. He came to set His people free From sin and doubt and shame. Forevermore My heart will sing The Praises of my King! by Donna J. Howard (Published...

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Love’s the REason He Came

Love's the Reason that He Came So gently, Lord, You came to earth And graced us with Your Holy birth. You left Your home in heaven above, To teach us of the Father's love. You lived among us meek and mild. Your life was pure and undefiled. You taught us how to love...

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My God, My God, My King

Jesus, how I love You. You gave Your life for me. You left Your heavenly home above, And came to set me free. You knew my heart was sinful. You knew that I was lost. I could not go to heaven, for I could not pay the cost. You paid the price the Father asked. You gave...

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Jesus Christ is Mine

He was alive before my time. He lived with God on high. He made me with a loving hand, But then He breathed a sigh. I did not love Him like I should. Some things I did were wrong. But He would not abandon me. His love for me was strong. He took my sins upon Himself,...

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I Shall not Fear

Creases lined my doctor's face He took my hand in his Gently speaking, words thundering, he said “I'm sorry, you have cancer!' Questions raced through my mind Would I suffer with pain? Would I lose my hair? Would I die? Fear snapped like a vicious dog! Later, at home,...

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