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Betty King


Have you noticed those who have the most to be forgiven are the ones who have the most trouble forgiving? Perhaps it is because they know, to what degree sins are possible. Perhaps it is because they have been there, done that, been to the pits themselves and know the...

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Visualizing God’s Presence

If we laid bare our thoughts what would they reveal? If our minds could be read daily like a book what would they tell others about us? "….it is the thought-life that pollutes. For from within, out of men’s hearts, come evil thoughts of lust, theft, murder, adultery,...

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Some people hate change. I use to. I was comfortable were I was; I didn’t want to be uprooted. My husband would get promoted or make a change in his career and that meant the kids and I would have to change too. We would have to move, find new friends a new church and...

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“It Is in His abundance that we lack for nothing; He supplies all of our needs. It is in our wants we see not His abundance." Most of us who live in the United States of America are wonderfully blessed. Our nation as a whole is bountifully set apart in the things the...

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