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Ascension Day

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Ascension, Jesus, Poems, Resurrection

Our Lord ascended into the skies
Exactly on the 40th day after He rose from the grave
Like many milestone events in His life were aligned to Prophecies umpteen
This grand occurrence too is aligned to a prophecy in Psalm 68 verse 18

Ascension Day signaled the end of physical Ministry
Of our Lord on Earth which had begun on first Christmas day,
After all the God-given tasks were completed with passion
In Christ’s life arrived finally the Day of Ascension

From the Ascension Day onwards would begin the Ministry
Of High-priesthood for our Lord
He is continually interceding for you and me
Seated at the right hand of God Supreme

Because He ascended, He sent the Holy Spirit from on High
On the Day of Pentecost upon the Apostles and in the contrite 3000 souls
Holy Spirit has been Ministering from that day onward,
Leading many a soul Heavenward

From the Day of Ascension,
Christ is also preparing for His followers Heavenly Mansions,
One day He would house the Saints therein
Who have obeyed Him totally in their Earthly sojourn

Like He ascended on the 40th day after resurrection
From the Mount of Olives,
One day in His imminent Second Coming He would likewise descend on the same Mount,
And later on rule this World for a thousand years with fairness on which people can count.

Suresh Manoharan