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Up, Up and Away

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Focus, Heaven, Poems, Trials

Citius, Altius and Fortius means faster, higher and stronger
Dear fellow Child of God, remember Christian life is a race aimed always at going further
So be inspired by the athletes of THE GAME(s)
By discipline learn your bodily desires to tame

Quite often, Apostle Paul alludes to Olympics of his age
Do you know there are lessons to be learnt from THE OLYMPIC MOTTO, whatever is your age?
The closing verses of 1 Cor 9 speak about Christian discipline
Remember in the Spiritual race without it you can never win

Ah Citius…without any delay, strive to sow the Gospel seed
God-given task has to be completed with speed
Redeem the time, exhorts THE WORD OF GOD,
So put into His work expeditiously all you have got

Remember, a Sprinter with a quick start mostly wins the event
So never procrastinate rather take seriously THE GREAT COMMISSION given before the Ascent
If the Spirit is prompting to you to complete any assignment
Shedding the excuses complete the work without any further postponement

Now coming to “higher” goals in life, let your eyes be fixed on “things above”
The Heavenly home is where you would spend eternity with angels in tow
Forget not that on Earth, you are ONLY a pilgrim
So exercise better spiritually to keep your eternal soul in fine trim

Laying aside needless weight, soar “higher” in your pursuits for the Master’s glory
Face boldly the storms the Enemy unleashes at you with fury
Let the people be amazed by your conduct and testimony
In drawing souls to the Saviour by exemplary your life lays your real VICTORY

Best way to grow “stronger” day by day
Is to daily read Scripture and pray
This laced with witnessing and fellowship synergy
Is bound to give you abundant “inner” spiritual energy

Praise God for many life “hurdles”
This would lead you to maturity and flexing of spiritual muscles
A strong, running Christian with his focus on Heaven
Is not one to be corrupted by World’s leaven

Be encouraged, your Heavenly reward is greater than any Olympics gold medal
So do not give up in your Ministry, even if temporarily there is a great struggle
Master would soon return with many a Heavenly laurel wreath
Therefore be diligent and faithful, till your final breath.

Suresh Manoharan