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From a Hurting World to a Healing World

by | Nov 26, 2022 | Healing

Anyone reading this is aware of the fear and uncertainty this world went through in the recent past. Millions of dollars are spent every year for research in the field of medicine. The pharma industry grows in leaps and bounds with their findings of new medications and we are willing to spend on anything that promises to make or keep our bodies healthy.  If there is a magic wand that we can afford to make us disease free … aren’t we ready to buy it? Did we ever think we would all be suddenly shut behind a closed door, see empty airports, bus and railway stations, empty schools, or colleges? Empty streets, closed markets, empty parks – the only place which was overcrowded were the hospitals. From hugging a loved one we moved to seeing their face on our phones and tablets. Our daily needs became precious. Everyone just wanted to be able to breathe!

“The surgeon uses tiny instruments that move like a human hand but with a far greater range of motion. The system’s built-in tremor-filtration technology helps the surgeon move each instrument with smooth precision”:  While this is the definition of Robotic surgery where this world has come to –   In 2020 the medical fraternity was frantically finding a weapon to beat the Corona virus!!! The only precaution was plain soap and water till they found a solution. It was at that moment we woke up to realize that wherever this world may have reached in technology and development, things changed for us literally in a “snap”!

Who snapped this change and why did He do it?  Was it to tell us that He is the only one in Control? It sure did “ wake” us up – until then we took everything HE gave for granted!

Did you take a flight recently? Are you happy to hear the laughter of kids and teens in school and the constant chatter of the youth in college? Are you pleased to sit across on a table with your friend and enjoy your meal in a restaurant? Did you just attend the office annual conference and party through the night? Did your pet enjoy his stroll today? Are you planning a family reunion this thanksgiving?

Pause to think – Who brought this change? It is Him again. He graciously pulled this hurting world to a healing world. Was there pain in the process  – Yes. Was there grief, yes. Was there learning – yes, – but through it all there was God’s grace and mercy. Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” (NIV).  Our own experiences in the past two years substantiate this truth. Was there refuge? YES indeed! Did we derive strength – Of Course We DID. Did He help us? That’s why we are here!

Did you look up to say Thank you?  He is not expecting it BUT you, who read this know you owe it to Him! He can hear even if you whisper!

Jayshree Augustine
By His grace I exist
Volunteer, Answers2Prayer Ministries