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What Happens When We Pray

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Call to Prayer, Prayer

Prayer changes anything. Prayer is the language we communicate with God.

When you prayerfully submit a need to God, are you telling Him something He does not already know ? Are you giving Him information about what He needs to do? He knew even before you did, yes He knows our every need. If that is so, why does it still remain a need that I have to pray over and wait for an answer? When we pray we invite God above (for whom nothing is impossible into our situation). We realize we are not handling it alone. We receive a confidence which is HOPE, we get the courage to face what we encounter. We learn to patiently wait for an answer and we develop perseverance.

What does God do when we seek Him in prayer? Your need, He knows better than you. He can see the bigger picture. Does this need fit into His plans for you ? If Yes .. your prayer is answered in His time (He is never ahead/behind but always on time). If your need is not His plan for you … you wait for the answer … as you wait, your desire and need change … the very need you prayed for takes a back seat and slowly slips away. You get something better than what you wanted, something you dared not to even ask. You learn patience and your faith is enhanced! Prayer is not magic. It’s perseverance, it’s patience and the only path to grow closer to God. Your choice determines your happiness.

Praying is a choice one can make. It’s just a sincere conversation with God and it’s never too late to make this choice!!!

Jayshree Augustine

Volunteer, Answers2Prayer Ministries