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Nothing Pure can be Forgotten

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Poems, Purity

The life we once lived were green and gold,
And moments we dearly wish to hold,
That it may not fade and become old,
But young like the seasons of the world.

Our early days were like a flower
That is always radiant at all hour
And like eden, we were at the peak,
For it was full of joy; free from grief.

We were as innocent as the day,
That went to sleep when dark comes to stay.
We only saw bliss in every man,
As we play in glades and no-man’s land.

We lived lives we will trade for nothing,
For it was a rare time that was bliss,
And looking back now, our light was bright,
Nothing could mar our laugh and smile.

©Okunola Peace.