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by | Jan 30, 2020 | A Boost for NOT Boasting (A Mini-Series), Victory

In the Second part of our Series, “on what we need to be boast about and on what we need to be silently thankful for”, let’s train the spotlight on two more subjects…


Of Samson, it has been said jocularly and truthfully that he is “the Biblical He-Man with the distinct She-weakness” (Judges 16:1). As long as the God-given might was used in line with the Lord’s will of delivering his people from the cruel Philistine subjugation (Judges 13:5), everything went on well. Especially with the Biblical Mr. Universe coming up with some heroic feats which, would make a Hollywood stuntman like Schwarzenegger proud (Judges 14:6/Judges 15:15). However, once he started courting the unbelieving Delilah in transgression of the Lord’s will (“do not yoke yourselves with the unbelievers”2 Cor 6:14/Judges 16:1-22), he ended up courting trouble, and a big one at that! Consequently with the presence of the Lord departing from him, his enemies would ruthlessly bind and blind him. It is another matter that he eventually triumphed in death, finally realizing at the end that he was a zero by himself. He could, however, have been a hero by the Lord’s empowerment. Still, his life carries the ring of “if only…” normally associated with tragedies.

Dear Mr. Active of the Church: Instead of boasting about your strength and stamina, be humbly thankful to the One who has given them to you, lest He expose your own weakness to yourself.


Was it not curtains that very night for the complacent rich guy in Jesus’ parable, who, priding in his riches, envisaged an oh-so-bright future for himself (Luke 12:13-21). He cared not a hoot for the One above all who gives us the ability to garner wealth (Deu 8:18). His end was not very dissimilar to that of a starry-eyed John Logie Baird (the inventor of Color TV), who died the very night before the first colour transmission in Television history was to go on air. Sadly, the very first colour transmission turned out to be the one which featured his funeral.

Says wise King Solomon, the journey taking one from prosperity to poverty can be quite fast (ask the existing clan members of erstwhile Nizam of Hyderabad —Pro 23:4-5), as such we need not put our anchor where our riches lie, but rather in our relationship with the good Lord.
Prayer: Father, for both our strength (physical or spiritual) and our prosperity enable us to always thankfully remember that we have received them from Thy gracious Hands alone. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Suresh Manoharan
An unworthy servant
J and SM Ministries

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