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One Bad Apple

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Fear, Wisdom

I was at my desk following my morning routine the other day. The screen reader installed in my computer readPsalm 34 to me. (This is because I’m blind and use a screen reader to operate my computer). So, there I was, delighting in God’s Word while I munched on my morning apple.

I noticed the apple was softer than its usual juicy, crispy texture. But focused on what I was listening to, I didn’t stop to analyze it.

Moments later my Mom walked in. She grabbed my hand. “Honey, honey. Don’t eat that.”

I halted my chewing and gave her a look of shock. What could have rattled her so much?

Then my stomach churned a bit when my mom pointed out that I was eating a rotten, really rotten apple. Maybe there was a worm wiggling there. But she didn’t say.

But wait a minute! Don’t for a moment feel sorry for this blind chica. You might have done the very same thing.

Life is good…or is it?

There you are, following your own daily routine in life, carrying God’s promises in your heart. And in your mind, you have engraved His instructions. Life is good.

But then the nightly news comes on. The world looks black. Life brings on a glitch. Relationships fall apart. And the view of our own world brings gloom. Without realizing it, we take bites of stress. We grind our teeth into rotten reminders of past failures. And mix them up with today’s pain. Before we know it, we munch on that bad mush of worry and fear.

No wonder we’re taking Maalox to soothe the emotional indigestion that burns during sleepless nights.

Been there? God knows we all have. So, we need to change. God’s plan is for us to live in triumph. Yes, rotten spots come up, but we can still be victorious. Yes, disappointment visits, but we don’t have to let in. And yes, heartache barges into our life, but we don’t need to embrace it.

What the victorious person looks like.
And to make it easier for us, the description of the person who achieved all this is found in Psalm 112:6-8:

1. Nothing shakes him. No matter what bad news or rotten circumstances pop up, he lives calm, confident and secure because, “Surely he will never be shaken; a righteous man will be remembered forever. He will have no fear of bad news…” (vs. 6,7a)

2. No fear defeats him. When the world fears, He increases his faith. When the world panics, he stands firm. When circumstances become darker, he looks to God’s light: “His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD. His heart is secure; he will have no fear…” (vs. 7b,8a)

3. Nothing keeps him down. When evil approaches, he declares victory. When attacks pour in, he knows the battle is won. And when his foes gain ground, he gains trust. “…in the end he will look in triumph on his foes.” (vs. 8b)

That’s what living in triumph means–embracing the promise that God defeated our foes. Welcoming a new beginning. Believing in a greater promise. And anticipating a new tomorrow.

Let’s pray: Father, I admit I’ve chewed on rotten episodes in life, but I thank you for your path to triumph. Thank you for the wisdom to know that in You, I cannot be shaken. In You, I have no fear. In you, my foes are defeated. And in you, my life is secure. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Janet Eckles

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