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10 Tipes to Make your Marriage Sizzle with Love

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Love, Marriage

When I was 23 and said “I do” to my hubby; I had no clue what I was saying. When I committed to love him no matter what, I didn’t expect my selfish ways to be a problem. And when I vowed to cherish him, sometimes I asked myself what in the world that meant.

Then something happened. Something that shook me, slapped my senses and that’s when our relationship began to glow.

All began when…

…adversity visited our marriage. Blame flew all over our arguments, hardships threatened to divide us, and heartache zapped our romance.

Then God intervened. We both turned to him. Admitting our frailty and foolishness, we placed it all before Him. With desperate hearts, we both looked up at Him, His instructions, His guidance, and His wisdom. Then with His brush of love, He painted strokes of restoration, healing, and strength.

And when we recently celebrated our 40th anniversary, I reflected on what keeps us in love, cherishing each other and expecting another 40 years.

Here are the 10 tips to make your marriage glow no matter what you’re facing:

1. Forgive the small stuff, talk about the big stuff, and forgive that, too.
2. As often as possible, bring to mind your spouse’s strengths.
3. Praise your spouse before others. A compliment in private is encouraging. Praise before others is transforming.
4. Never try to change your spouse. Find what needs to change in you instead.
5. Make memories by planning moments together.
6. Surprise each other with a kind gesture.
7. Write your feelings of love rather than just saying them.
8. Physical contact is good for the heart. Make sure to give a hug, a loving tap, a squeeze of the arm, a peck, etc. Do this at least eight times a day (proven to be a powerful habit that keeps blood pressure down).
9. When discussing difficult concerns, avoid blame; instead express how you feel inside.
10. Express gratitude often, and even for little things.

A marriage is a sailboat; we are in control of the sail, determining where it goes.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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