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Help! My Life is WAY too Busy!

by | Apr 8, 2018 | Peace, Trials

Have you asked a friend lately, “How are you?” Their answer is usually something like “Busy; I’m so, so busy.”

That might be your answer, too. I know mine could be as well. We’re all ridiculously busy.

Strange though, a group of quails taught me just how crazy that is.

A lovely piano tune echoed through the house where I stayed during a recent trip. My friend’s piano faced a window. And during one of his melodic tunes, a group of quails gathered outside.

Suddenly, the strangest thing happened. Each quail, big and small froze, no movement, no twitching. They turned to feathered statues.

Why? Their keen ears had picked up a pitch from the piano that mimicked that of a hawk. As a defense mechanism, they instinctively freeze in place.

That night I reflected on that rare reaction by those cute quails. And I vowed I would follow their example.

More than once a day, I would stop my insane busyness and be still. I’d pause enough to listen to God’s Word. I’d not move until, in my soul, I felt His presence. In my heart, I’d hear His whisper. And sense His voice in my ear.

Not only our ears, but our whole being needs a quiet break, away from the busy and away from the stress.

Are you game? Let’s give it a try. When we want victory, pause. When we want results, stop. When we want solutions, freeze…He’s about to reveal something huge.

When the Egyptians chased the Israelites, God was about to do something big as well. That’s why Moses gave the same advice to the Israelites as they ranted, complained and shook in fear.

We do the same, don’t we? When stress, demands, conflict, illness, disappointment chase us, we grumble, too.

That’s why Moses’ words ring true today as they did back then: “Moses answered the people, ‘Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.'” (Exodus 14:13-14 NIV)

While they were still, God did something huge. He fought on their behalf. He delivered them from danger. He did the impossible. He supernaturally parted the Red Sea so His people could cross on dry land and be free of the Egyptians.

Why wouldn’t He do the impossible in our lives today? He would. He will because He can. When we’re still, the path to a better life is revealed. A renewed panorama appears. A fresh answer is found. And best of all, when we learn from the quails, and stop, He turns the busy to the best.

Father, show me to the quiet spot of my day. May I be faithful to seek You for strength, for wisdom and for serenity. In Jesus’ name, amen.

How will you stop your crazy busy and find a calming moment?

Janet Eckles

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