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You’ll Love me Later

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Love, Trust

“So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.” (Matt. 7:11 NLT)

I was in a local store recently when I saw something that opened a window into my soul and let in a little more light. I had just picked up some shampoo and was headed to the pet supplies to get some more dog food for my furry friends. I decided to take a shortcut through one of the toy aisles. Blocking my way, however, was a young father and his four year old daughter. The little girl was pleading with her Dad to buy her a new doll. The Dad was being gentle but firm telling her they couldn’t afford it right now. Finally, the daughter burst into tears and said angrily, “I hate you!”

I thought that the father would get mad at her for this outburst. I know that I probably would have when I was his age. Instead he just smiled down at her, put his hand on her head, and said, “That’s alright. You’ll love me later”. I stood there in amazement as he took her hand and they walked off. Then it dawned on me that I had been in this situation many times myself over the years but not as the father.

Many times over the years I have cried and thrown a fit when I didn’t get what I wanted. Many times I grew angry at God when I felt my prayers weren’t being answered. Through them all, though, our Heavenly Father was patient, loving, and kind with me. He knew that I didn’t understand why certain things had to happen the way they did. He knew that my anger was a part of my growing up spiritually in this world. He knew that I would love Him later.

God loves us all so much. We are all His Children. But we are still growing up spiritually in this world. We don’t know all the answers. That is why we need to trust in our Heavenly Father’s Love and give Him ours as well. It is never too late to love God. It is never too late to invite Him into your soul. It is never too late to let His light guide your life.

Joseph J. Mazzella