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The Touch of my Master’s Hand: For my Beloved Sandi

by | Dec 30, 2017 | Death


Written from the imagined perspective of Sandi, a beloved pet dog…

My Master has loved me from the first day. My Master has provided all I need in this life. My Master has fed me, played with me and loved me in more ways than I can describe.

But the one thing I loved the most was the touch of my Master’s hand. His touch calmed, soothed and comforted me. During the storms, when I was ill, my Master’s touch would give me peace and comfort. When I played too hard in my Master’s house and broke something, the Master just gave me a gentle touch to let me know all was well. I nuzzle my Master’s hand because of the calming touch and when I am tired at day’s end.

As the years wore on, I became much older. I became sick more and more, yet my Master was there and His hands fed me and stroked me. His eyes looked at my dimming eyes with tears of love. One day, I was too tired to get up, too sick to play. My Master picked me up with His hands and took me to the vet.

As the life left me, I looked at my Master, His eyes were wet with tears, and yet He still gave me all the comfort He could with His touch of His hands. Life left me. When I opened my eyes, and saw the fields before me, my heart leaped. I felt well and wanted to play. Before me was a man, He reached out and petted me, it was just like my Master. This Master and His hands healed me. He spoke to me and said, “This is your place, go play and wait, one day your Master will lay His hands on you again.”

A long time later, I do not know if it was years, or months, or even days. I lay sleeping in the meadow before the cool, running stream, when I awoke. My head was in the lap of someone and being petted. I kept my eyes closed, yet I had tears running from my eyes…. it was the touch of my Master’s Hand.

B.J. Cassady


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