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A Harbour

by | Oct 14, 2017 | Peace, Poems

We need a harbour.
A harbour where we can moor our vessels
that have been tossed and turned
by inclement weather,
by changing currents,
and the wear and tear,
of all our endeavours.

We need a place where we can shed ourselves.
Selves we have worn so long,
that, like the colour on our lips,
wear thin with too much time,
between our attentions.
That start to need more effort to sustain,
than we can spare.

Then we need a place,
where we can go to restore and mend.
We need the shoulders of the Comforter,
the Body of His House,
the refuge of His Courts
where He meets us, inestimable host,
as though we had never been gone.

We need a harbour.
Where we can take our longings, our endless needs,
to the edge, and pour them in.
That wraps its presence around us
and reminds us, indeed we need nothing
that isn’t already ours,
here in this place.

This place in which He is
the centre piece.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
July 2017


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