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Looking For? Where?

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Comfort, Poems

Sin is looking for the right thing in the wrong place remarked Augustine…a Wise Saint,
This is the truth, we see the Scriptures often and unerringly paint
Historically, those who searched for the right thing n the wrong place
Have been left to regret deeply, for walking right into a dark world of maze.

Beginning with Adam, we see that our grandparents sought “wisdom”,
But instead of finding it in obedience, they searched for it in a place that led to their doom,
The Tree to which they went searching, was supposedly the fount of Knowledge,
However, it turned to out to be the one from thence sprouted ignorance

Praise God, to remedy the situation emerged yet another Tree at Calvary,
Disdainfully looked down upon as Foolishness (I Cor 1:18) actually this Tree would set free,
All of mankind caught-up in vanity of sin as a result of that first act of folly.
Committed by our ancestors at the behest of a Serpent –oh-so-crafty

There we see one Judean King Asa once the beneficiary of God’s great act of redemption (2 Chro 14:9-12) during war,
During yet another time of war, sadly looking elsewhere for help, drifting from his Saviour afar,
He paid a great price, for this foolish act of looking for help in the wrong direction,
Getting blamed by a Prophet sincere (2 Chro 16:1-9) under God’s instruction

Oh is there not also an account of a rich farmer (Luke 12:15-21) seeking security in his vast currency?
After reaping a harvest of bounty, this rich man was all merry,
He mused, with so much of money, his future with or without God would be all rosy,
Sadly, very soon he would leave this World tragically

Quoted often as middle part of the Bible the Scripture Psalm 118 verse 8 stands tall,
Warning us that looking towards fallible sources of help, would eventually lead us to a fall.
So Dear Friends during any emergency, let’s look unto only the “Rock of Ages”,
For His love and care for us are infallible (Isaiah 26:4), as proclaimed truthfully by the Biblical sages.

Suresh Manoharan
An Unworthy Servant


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