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Life–As a Gift

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Poems, Surrender

Life – As a Gift

If life is indeed a gift,
then we being alive, must bear the gifts of life.

Our whole and entire purpose…

to breathe it in,
to grow in its nourishment,
to reproduce it, to extend it.
It was given to BE PASSED ON.

Fishes and loaves to feed thousands,
dandelion seeds aloft on the wind.
To land where they will,
and take root where they can,
and bring and give new life.

If life is a gift
then we, the receivers of such a gift;
unwrap it to find
a gift, within a gift, within a gift.
And at the centre – a seed.

A seed, not to be stored,
not to be hidden,
not to be discounted,
or disregarded.

But to be planted,
nurtured, encouraged;
cultivated to full and beautiful expression.
And in its strong and tender growth
harvested and released….

Released to grow another harvest.
Released to inspire another gift.
Released to encourage another’s faith.
Released to embolden another believer,
to take their seed out of the dark.

We pour it out, until we are empty.
But we refill with each and every breath,
of the Holy Spirit;
who is not only the giver of gifts,
but the one and only greatest gift.

In whom is truth, and light and ‘fullness’ of life.
His fullness flowing into us, that we might release it.
A gift given that we might re-gift it,
life given for us to respond to Him,
with the gift of our life.

All the tentative talents and fledging abilities,
within that gift of life, harnessed and then
passed on, shared out,
given back, in order that they might flourish…

for His purposes.

By Ana Lisa De Jong