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The King’s Message

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Love

She grew up in an isolated rural area and her clothing illustrated the practical nature of her life. In other words, it was adequate and comfortable but unimportant.

Then her life changed and her family moved to a community that had other values. Her immediate elders were given importance and were surrounded by people of taste and distinction.

She was entwined with them, she spoke well and was always respectful to those stationed above her. But she remained solitary by nature and rarely joined in community things purely of her own desire.

On one special day there was to be a small community gathering where she lived and larger celebrations further in the city. The King’s message was to be read at each gathering and other members of her family were called on to take part in the bigger celebrations in the city.

She was not included in their invitations and was happy to stay at home. She was going to the local celebration just to honour the day.

Then in a surprising move, she was asked by the local committee to read the King’s message at the gathering near her home.

Without saying anything to anyone, one of the ladies in the community realised that the newly elected speaker had no idea of dress-sense or of making any changes to her clothing. She would look decidedly out of place in her usual clothing and the lady was concerned that the significance of the day could be shattered by the speaker’s wrong appearance.

Quietly she went to a fashion shop in the city and purchased an outfit suitable for the new speaker of the King’s message.

It was an outfit of beautiful quality in an outstanding, but not garish, colour. It would give distinction to the speaker so she presented it to her asking quietly if she would care to wear it.

Astonished at such generosity, the speaker accepted the offer with humility and sincere gratitude, amazed that anybody took so much thought for her.

“Thank you for loving me,” she said to the lady who gave her the outfit.

On the day of her appearance the newly appointed speaker was pleased to arrive at the podium wearing beautiful clothing and it gave her an unusual confidence to give the King’s message.

She spoke clearly and emphatically, giving the message due respect and the last paragraph of the message was this: ‘But love covereth all sins.’ (Proverbs 10:12.)

You could have heard a pin drop. Then thunderous applause.

Elizabeth Price


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