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by | Jan 6, 2017 | Kindness

Somebody said recently that Australians do not like surprises so I guess it goes with the territory that I and surprises are not generally addicted to each other.

Recently on a trip to town to buy supplies to last a week, one wheel of the car hit a curb as it turned a corner. Bang, and I had a totally ruined and flattened a tyre. It was a surprise I did not want. Carefully I eased to the side of the street and looked for a place to use a phone. Mobile communication systems they do not work where we live, so I looked for a business that was open to ask an attendant to please phone road service.

It was early morning so the first business in the street was still closed. The second was also still closed and then, relief, the third was open and a young lady was sitting at her front desk. I asked would she please phone road service for me because I had a flat tyre. A gentleman sitting at a desk nearby jumped up and took my arm. “Let me,” he offered and led me out the door to the car.

Second surprise! It shook me.

He and my husband opened the boot of the car, took the spare tyre out and with great difficulty in the awkward and narrow space between the curb and the wheel, he spent time and serious effort taking the dead tyre off and putting the spare on. He was exhausted as he finished and stood up.

Third surprise. Nothing had prepared either me or my husband for such incredible help and kindness.

Then, fourth surprise. To increase our amazement, he generously and politely refused any payment so we exchanged first names, shook hands warmly, and said good-bye. We could do nothing but purchase a box of chocolates for him and say in a little note that his kindness ‘would never be forgotten.’

2. Surprises

Never be forgotten? How could mortal, forgetful me promise any such thing? Sometimes I even forget what day of the week it is! Of course I may forget but what he did not know was that we often speak to the Lord about him.

I know that the kindness he gave us will be remembered to eternity because the Lord has a ‘book of remembrance,’ and a ‘book of life.’ (See Malachi 3:16 and Philippians 4:3 and various other places.) He keeps records which He will open: ‘…and the books were opened.’  (Revelation 20:12)

Yes, I may forget but God has the history.

I love to remember this story and hope you will remember it, too.

Elizabeth Price