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Of Promise, Patience and Prize, Part 3

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Of Promise, Patience and Prize (A Mini-Series), Promises, Trials

In our series on how problems come visiting in a believer before fulfillment of a Divine promise, let’s focus on the life of the greatest King in Jewish History…


“I would have to live in harsh environs of many a cave for many years before entering the cool comforts of the palace”
was the thought that would have never crossed anointed young shepherd boy David’s mind as he was being nationally feted after his heroic feat of slaying mighty Goliath (I Sam 18:6-9). But envious King Saul fuelled by murderous rage, much like the envious brothers of Joseph made life miserable for poor David chasing him all around the country making the poor innocent hero-turned fugitive change 15 locations whilst escaping for his life.

Then come two opportunities for fugitive David to slay his unjust enemy (who would even propagate lies in regards to David…oh how lies and injustice go hand in hand. See 1 Sam 22:6-8) but David used those two chances to showcase his godly patience (1 Sam 24/26) instead.

In both the instances, even as his mates in trouble urged him to wield the sword to finish off his foe who was out to mercilessly snuff out his life, David wielded something else…something really wondrous at a time none may have Scripturally (Exo 21:24) faulted him for his act of revenge, for was not “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” the norm then? I reiterate, he displayed much to even his enemy’s amazement godly patience (oh-so-precious to the Lord) letting go of his foe even while patiently bidding his time to become the King in God’s own appointed time. And when that time of coronation finally came, he went on to become Israel’s greatest King wielding (wielding again eh) total control from River Euphrates in the north to the borders of Egypt in the South (2 Sam 8) which was actually God’s original geographical promise for Abraham’s descendents (Gen 15:18-21/Joshua 1:3-4) but was sadly not brought to fruition by not-so-godly, not-so-obedient Jewish leaders before David.

Next week, in the concluding part of our series, let’s look at what made Jesus the Saviour of the World. Were His unparalled wise teachings the cause or His astounding miracles or “something else”…

Prayer: Father, grant us Thy grace to trust Thee in the midst of all my difficulties, knowing that they are contributing to my spiritual growth. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Suresh Manoharan
An unworthy servant
J and SM Ministries

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