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God of a Small Nation, Part 2

by | Jan 6, 2017 | God of a Small Nation (A Mini-Series), Gods Ways

In the second part of our series on significance of the great small Nation Israel to all Biblical students, we focus on it being a sign to the whole World of God’s existence…


About 300 years ago, the King of Sweden was having personal doubts about God’s existence and the Bible’s divine nature. He called for Count Von Zinzendorf, who was the bishop of the Moravian Church, to provide evidence about God’s existence and Divine authorship of the Bible. When the Count arrived, the King told him he had set aside 10 hours to be enlightened on these matters. Zinzendorf said that much time would not be necessary because all he needed to do was to say two words. The King, skeptical, asked, “What words might those be?” Count Von Zinzendorf replied, “The Jews.”

How true! One look at the history of the nation of Israel would convince even a hard core atheist/agnostic about the existence of the Almighty and authenticity of the Bible. Is not the entire history of this Chosen Nation an outworking of the Deuteronomic covement enshrined in the 28th Chapter of the fifth book of the Bible (Deu 28)? Have not all the blessings so graphically described “chased” the people of Israel whenever, they have sincerely obeyed their Master? By the same token have not the curses too sent by the chastening God “chased” them whenever, they have gone astray?

Not only the Book of Judges where the cyclical “boom” and “doom” periods of Israel’s faith is sincerely portrayed, but in fact the entire Old Testament history stands witness to the solemn fact that the Jews’ success or failure in any sphere has been directly proportional to their obedience or lack of it to their Good Shepherd. Unlike say life of a lowly layman, living in one corner of the world, dear friends, history of one nation is not a private occurrence, far removed from public spotlight! It is in public domain and can be checked and cross-checked umpteen times and the unanimous verdict of the umpire (conscience) in all of us would be “God of Abraham exists and his words enshrined in scripture are true!” I repeat, if I as one average nine to five guy living in an inconspicuous place in this world, shout from rooftops, nay even mountaintops, that the hand of God can be seen prominently in my life by way of blessings or curses whenever I have obeyed or disobeyed Him, people may or may not believe; but if a definite trend of good times/bad times is seen emerging in the public history of one nation itself all on one account of an unseen divine interference, can anyone still turn a blind eye to it, without inferring the truth thereof?

Think of it…a normal story teller would gloss over a hero’s sins of commission or omission all with the aim of making the main character appear as a paragon of all virtues in the public eye, but the Divinely-inspired writers of Scriptures–themselves Jews–have never shied away from neither laying bare the serious shortcomings of all Jewish heroes of faith, nor that of their nation as a whole. If this is not truthfulness with a capital “T”, then what is it?

Prayer: Father, what an indisputable proof,-Nation of Israel-You in Your sovereign wisdom have placed amidst us, wherein we can see Your awesome works clear as a crystal. We glorify You in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Suresh Manoharan
J and SM Ministries

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