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Three Promises to be set Free from the Snare of Stress

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Trials

He was trembling. She was stuck; couldn’t move because her hair was so matted down, it prevented her from moving her legs.

These two puppies were found alone, lost, hungry, trembling under a truck.

My friend adopted them, cleaned and fed them. He no longer trembles, and she’s free to walk and jump…no more matted hair to snare her thin legs.

You’re been there haven’t you? Stuck, unable to move forward, snared by the tension, and so hungry for answers. Many of us are, and even worse, we can’t describe what’s going on. What binds us. What chokes our joy. And the whole time, we’re under the truck of stress.

But, good news; we’re not the first and we won’t be the last either. Here are three situations to reassure us when caught in the snare of stress.

Stressed at impossible situations. A sea of water stopped the Israelites from running away from the vicious pursuit of the Egyptians. Stress built, fear gripped them and hopelessness invaded them. But God did the same as what He will do for us today, He did the impossible, He parted the waters for His people to go through. (Exodus 14:20)

Stressed because of the unknown. Joshua doubted, trembled and stressed as he faced the army on the other side. He didn’t know the size or how fierce they were. But God knew and He had already prepared victory for Joshua. That’s why he had to put stress in the trash can of life. And he had to believe what God promised—to be with him every step of the way. That promise in Joshua 1:9 is the same one for you and me today.

Stressed because of unexpected storms. The disciples shook when dark clouds turned into a downpour, furious winds tossed their small boat. But Jesus calmed the waters in Matthew 8:23 as He will calm our storms too.

The rest of the world might be trembling, but we stay strong because when stress builds in the midst of our own storms, in the impossibilities and in the unknown of tomorrow, God is ready to rescue us, clean us up, feed our soul and give us a home in His embrace.

How will you celebrate the freedom from the snare of stress?

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Janet P. Eckles