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Why I Like Christmas

by | Jan 16, 2016 | Salvation, Written By Kids

I like Christmas very much. If you tried to guess why I like Christmas, you would probably say, “He likes opening the presents!” Well, your wrong. I like this holiday because on this day Jesus came to this earth to save us.

If it wasn’t for what He did, then His crucifixion would have never happened, and those who accepted Him wouldn’t go to heaven. I’m happy for the gift He gave us.

So this Christmas, try thinking about what He did. If you haven’t accepted Jesus yet, than why don’t you do that now? To accept Jesus’ gift of Salvation, just  Click here (

And if you have already accept Jesus, than thank Him for what He did for you!

This is why I like Christmas.

Donovan Chaffart, Age 9

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