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Without Love

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Love, Poems

Without love,
who would I be?
It does more than cover a multitude of sins.
It puts up a mirror.
It shows me the self that, in Him I’ve always been.
The person whom, without love, I could never believe myself to be…

Without His love reminding me,
of the beauty he sees in me.
Without love,
where would I be?
It does so much more than draw me home.
It provides a haven.
A place where I may lay it all down.
A place where my longings are at rest, and my restlessness tamed.
For love gives me a reason to return,
and a need to remain.
Without love,
why would I believe?
It does more than assure me of my right to be His.
It accepts and affirms me.
It seeks me relentlessly.
It says of me, “You are worthy beyond compare, and loved beyond belief.”

And so love then becomes my reason,
and in response to Him, I become His gift.
Without love,
how can I live?
It does more than give me breath.
It takes my heart, from upside-down,
and turns it right around.
It takes my eyes, intently fixed, and instead turns them heaven-bound.
Until love then is all I see,
and in love I am found, and set free.

Ana Lisa de Jong
November 2014


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