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What was I Thinking

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Poems

I rejected Jesus.

What was I thinking!

I knew my life was sinking.

I knew I would be a corpse, dead and stinking.

Still, he and I were just not linking.

Was I moved by Roman crucifixion nails, clinking?

Yes, indeed! So, why was I shrinking?

Well, all this talk about a man named Jesus being God!

Surely this had to be a fraud!

This whole thing sounded so odd.

Didn’t this fellow go to extremes?

Didn’t he have grandiose dreams?

Of all the crazy schemes!

But not everything was as it seems.

He was nailed in anguish on Roman crucifixion beams!

The theory goes that he somehow survived his cross.

It is thought he faked his resurrection so he could be our boss.

Really? Professional executioners made sure his life was a total loss!

Bruising from the savage beating.

His fluids constantly depleting.

At every step, his vital signs they were defeating.

For every breath, he was valiantly competing.

Rising levels of carbon-dioxide the throws of death completing.

Blood depletion, drop by precious drop.

Soon his heart would stop.

Just to make sure, a spear thrust made the heart go pop!

Like a rag doll his mangled body went flop!

Do you still buy this resurrection theory?

Better find somewhere else to shop!

His life foretold in meticulous detail.

Prophecies in the Psalms, and in Isaiah, all without fail.

His disciples acted like he was Lord over every beating, every nail!

Suddenly, I was free from skepticism and fear.

I escaped my jail!

I should have come to Jesus years ago,

But I didn’t come, simply because, I didn’t know.

Now, I tell the world, these things are really so.

Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited.” John’s visions of Heaven, Hell, Christ, antichrist, and cataclysm on a truly cosmic scale, in a first-person drama. “Secret of the Psalms.” The life of Jesus was predicted in the Psalms centuries ahead. “Grandfather’s Journal.” Laugh and cry with Jeffery in this illustrated children’s book as he overcomes his fear of death and falls in love with Jesus. Bookstores and and 1-888-795-4274


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