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by | Jan 9, 2016 | Forgiveness, Poems, Salvation, Sin

Because of Jesus Christ, I am now forgiven!
But does that mean there are no consequences for my sin?
Better is a car carefully driven,
Than a terrible crash, and all the trouble I’ve gotten myself in!
Would you have a tenderly cared for broken arm?
Physicians at your slightest call, anesthesia from all the pain?
Or would you rather prevent the harm?
A strong and useful limb is so much better gain!
Do what the Bible says! Avoid the trap!
Far easier, than struggling once you’re in!
Anticipate the snap!
Behold sin’s consequences long before the vortex of that sin!
Oh, Samson! Samson! You looked into her eyes,
Long before she ever cut your hair!
You started listening to her lies,
Long before the Philistines were ever there!
David! David! At the moment you saw her take a bath,
At that very instant, your eyes should have taken flight!
That was the very moment to avert God’s holy wrath!
That was the very moment to purify your sight!
Now, friend, as you read this poet,
Then ponder his fate, how many of his troubles came,
When tiny wicks burned, and he did not know it,
Until some forest was ablaze with some untended flame!
There is a time to rejoice!
There is a time to mourn!
Stop your ears before you ever hear that siren’s voice!
Kill that monster before it is ever born!

Chris Hansen


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