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Happy New Year

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Poems

Today I took a look at my email folder

I found your name and knew we are older

Than a year ago when we first met

By His divine providence He sent You into my life for a reason

To be there for a long while or a season I just know it was not by accident

That your email appeared that day

Just a note to ask me to pray God loves you and me this day

May you be blessed as you serve Him this year

He will hold you close and be there, my dear

Whatever you go through, a smile or a tear

He will love you so do not fear Your needs

He will meet, if you just call his name He is our savior and always the same

Trust in Him and give Him your all

You will see He is there when you call I thank Him for you this very day

As I looked at your name, I prayed

May you have a great year as all would say Happy New Year -2009

Sarah Berthelson


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