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Doubt and Faith

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Faith, Poems

Doubt can not be stopped,

No matter how hard one tries.

Disciples of Jesus doubted him

Until they saw his cold corpse rise!

At least ten of them were tortured to death,

Accused of telling monstrous lies.

Still, they stuck to their wild story.

This, no historian denies.

I believe their stories.

Away my doubt now flies.

What happened to Jesus will happen to me,

Even if my body dies.

Should I deny Jesus under torture,

Pay no attention to my pitiful cries!

Since Jesus rose, I know

That I, too, will rise.

Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited.” Get your front row seat and see John’s visions in living color. “Secret of the Psalms.” Be amazed as the life of Jesus unfolds in the “Psalms” a thousand years in advance. “grandfather’s Journal.” Laugh and cry with Jeffery as he loses his fear of death because of the resurrection of Jesus. Bookstores or  or 1-888-795-4274 or First Baptist Modesto Tapes and Publications.


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