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Welcome to the World of Reality

by | Nov 21, 2015 | God Cares, Salvation, Trials

Welcome to the world of reality. Many have been running through this land, this place of realities with no resting place, no oasis in your desert. Maybe you’ve been in a testing place, maybe you’ve had your share of misery.

My wife and I have, with the sudden death of our 13-year old son. Maybe it’s poverty or anguish in death or disease, or maybe heartache may have been your companion. Maybe it’s abuse or pain in it’s many forms. You’ve been dying while you’re still breathing, your heart’s still pumping but you’ve been walking around spiritually, as well as physically almost dead or just plain dead.

Suicide, you’ve been there possibly, around it, toying with the thoughts maybe- even thought of it. Something tells you “Press through this”- “go on it’s got to get better”. This too shall pass. My eyes have got to see clearer, my ears hear more definite word’s of direction. “God where are you?” Your body is seeing corruption. Mount Zion is in Chaos with division everywhere. By the wayside I see bodies everywhere. There’s been an explosion, smoke is all around. I see this in my spirit. Spiritually there isn’t a lot that’s survived. There is a stench of death.

Can you see this, you can see it in so many faces, death spiritually and physically taking it’s toll.

All around- there’s a sister that went down, a brother, a friend. Death on the highway of life where there can be peace. Oh their faces, trying to mask the pain. They put on their best face but it’s not an honest face- they’re hurting.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Give it to him, once and for all. HE IS ABLE, but only if we trust in him. Give it to him once and for all. Put it in his hand: Jeremiah did and was successful, David did, Matthew did. So many before that developed trust. Our trust is in the Lord. The Lawgiver has accomplished walking out this road before us. We must trust his plan. He is our way. He is the truth. Won’t you receive him now.

MAY HE TOUCH YOU NOW in a marvelous way. May he open heaven’s door- may we open the doors to our hearts. Maybe you should swing wide the doors of your heart. Ask him to forgive you if there’s unforgiveness or misunderstanding, he wants to do this. LET HIM COME IN NOW.

Do you want to? He will do the rest- up to 99 percent, even 100 percent. IF YOU WILL TAP YOUR TOE or twitch your eye in acknowledgement that he is your answer. This day he will come. IF YOU WILL OPEN UP- HE WILL COME IN.

Your pain, your doubt, even the complaining will leave in Jesus’ mighty name. HE IS A FORTRESS TO THEM THAT BELIEVE THAT HE IS. He is a sure thing. A very present help in your time of trouble. Be big enough; be man or woman enough; be boy or girl enough to admit God is able. He created this universe. While I’ve been writing, God has been doing something, my friend, by his anointing. You see you’ve changed and you cannot ever be the same. You will not EVER be the same again, either. God wants to make an exchange. A child in a room with a ice cream cone won’t give it up if you ask for it. God wants to offer you a banana split for your small cone. That’s the exchange–something greater. A mustard seed is small, but with that much faith you can move a mountain.

The anointing has broken a yoke or two. You’ll see the results. Them or those who wait upon the Lord, He’ll renew your strength.

Is there a “prostitute” among us, a “heathen drug user” within eyes reach of this writing. God does not see this way.  His eyes are pure and clear. God is a Spirit. You are a brother or sister in the Lord now. The label has lifted. We accept you as ours-You’re my brother or sister. I love you with an Agape Love- A God kind of love and acceptance.

I end with a song. They will mount up with wings as eagles.  They shall walk and not faint, for the Lord will go before them and his joy shall be their strength. They that wait upon the Lord. He is your answer for your reality. Jesus is your reality.

Pastor Dan Hatcher

Oasis Ministries