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Back to the Basics, Part 2

by | Jan 3, 2015 | Back to the Basics (A Mini-Series), Salvation

The Readership of the Nugget would know that we addressed a basic question of Christianity, “What is the Gospel” in the previous part of this series. Today let’s focus on yet another basic question: What makes Christian Salvation, so great?
The Author of the epistle to Hebrews qualifies the word Salvation as great Salvation…

“how shall we escape if we ignore so GREAT A SALVATION?” (Heb 2:3)

In order that we glorify our Heavenly Father with all our heart, mind and soul, let us now focus on what makes Christian Salvation truly Great…


Imagine the plight of common folks, if the good Lord had attached a price tag to our Salvation and said (hypothetically speaking that is), “I would guarantee Heaven to only those who give me 10 crore (10,000,000) dollars.” This would make only the elite rich such as a Tata a Birla an Ambani or a Bill Gates eligible for salvation. Poor folks such as we would be left in the lurch. But our great and loving Heavenly Father is offering salvation to one and all free of cost. That is why one Biblical Scholar put it creatively when he said, “the difference between other religions and Christianity is that while other religions preach salvation based on costly works, only Christianity preaches salvation based on an already accomplished work.” It (redemption work) is finished shouted Christ triumphantly on the Cross (John 19:30). We cannot add anything to what the Saviour completed on the Cross nor can we takeaway anything from it. Just believe it in the heart and confess it with our mouth…


Our mouths would go dry and our hearts would miss many a beat if the good Lord were to say (hypothetically speaking once again that is), “I would guarantee Heaven only to those who climb Mount Everest or plumb the depths of a Pacific ocean.” Then the only strong and fit like say an Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay would qualify for it. But the Good News with capital G for weak folks like us is, “Salvation is as close to us as our own hearts (believe therein that Jesus died for your sins) and our mouths (confess the same with your mouth).”  If you have not done it already, do it now!!!

In the next, concluding part of the Series, we shall continue to focus on what makes Christian Salvation so great.

Prayer: Father, we thank Thee, for making our Salvation free and so easily accessible through the indescribable atoning work of Jesus our Saviour. Accept our praises in Jesus’ Name.

Suresh Manoharan
J and SM Ministries

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