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A Will

by | Jan 3, 2015 | Uncategorized

An advertisement recently reminded me how important it is to make a will. The advertisement mentioned some quite dire effects that can happen to a family when a member dies without leaving a legal will.

It seems that legal costs and added taxes could eat into what children would otherwise inherit and any privately expressed wishes could be dismissed. It is so natural for us to wish others to have our treasures but our desires and dreams could be wiped out completely unless we take steps to pass them on. Because we want our lives to count we do not want the significance of them to be lost. We want others to benefit.

Without a will, the dead had no rights and the only way to avoid disappointments and penalties was to make specific, legal arrangements.

The advertisement presenter was compassionate but with the wisdom of experience and knowledge and I wondered why it is that too many people refuse to listen or are superstitious about such advice. It was a scary thought that if one’s plans for others were not clearly defined and set in law, they could be totally ignored.

Even Jesus made a will before He died. You can read the whole document in John 17 and please note what He wants you to receive: revelation v.6; certainty v.8; ownership v.10; safety v.12; joy v.13; protection v.15; sanctification v.17,18; belief v.20; family v.22; unity v.23; a future home v.24; and love v.26.

It is a rich inheritance, isn’t it, given by One who was compassionate and had the wisdom of knowledge and experience to draw on. And remember, every time you pray the prayer that Jesus gave you, you endorse His will because you say, ‘Your will be done.’ Matthew 6:10.

Elizabeth Price