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  You A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Relationship

You are my calm at the end of a long, hard day;

My lifeline I hang onto, when things get in my way.

The face I dream of seeing the 1st thing each morning;

You came into my life just in time, without any warning.

You’re the one I can’t wait to talk to when I rise;

The last one I want to say goodnight to, as I close my sleepy eyes.

When I’m down and feeling blue, You know just what to say;

I thank God The Father for putting You in my life, every single day.

You make life worth living, You make it all worth while;

I live for Your kindness, like an innocent child.

With each breath that I take, I love You more and more;

I look forward each day to seeing what God holds in store.

Hearts that beat as one, but use to be two;

You gave Yours’ for me, I give mine to you.

I long for us to grow together……….You and I;

Until the day God The Father sends You out of the Eastern sky.

Like a bridegroom who takes the bride, I anxiously await;

Oh how I yearn…………..for that final date.

You taking me to meet God The Father, who started it all;

Come my Lord Jesus, Your children do call. Amen


By: Pat Finn