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You Wake up One Day (A Poem)

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Dependency, Jesus, Poems

You wake up one day, and life is complete,

With four healthy kids, and plenty to eat

With Christ at the helm, and love at the ready

Finally, everything’s good, nice, and steady.

A man whose love shows, by way of devotion,

And most of the days aren’t filled with commotion

The blessings abound, yet sin still sneaks in,

And Jesus’ blood still covers my sins

Compared to so many, life is so good,

Why can’t I be all that I should?

So much to be thankful for, too much to say

His presence beside me is my only Way

Before it’s too late, Please God let me show,

How grateful I am for the love that I know,

For four healthy babies, now grown and in flight;

A husband who still loves me, beside me each night

For a home filled with calm, and a peace that flows through

For all of the wonderful things that You do.

For being The Friend who knows I am weak,

With love offered up, my heart which He seeks

Lord, how I love you for You first loved me!

Oh Jesus! Praise Jesus! In You I’m set free.

C K Marsden

Haverhill, Massachusetts