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You CAN Take it With You

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Heaven

A very rich man passed away and was found crying outside the Pearly Gates. When approached by an angel who asked why he was crying the man replied, “I have worked hard all my life and laid up many treasures. I had a lot of gold bars. I wanted to bring some with me, but found I couldn’t.” The angel comforted the man saying, ‘Don’t worry about your gold. Our streets are not in need of repair. We do not need more paving material.’

Makes you think, doesn’t it? What do we have that would be worthy of taking to heaven? Of what use is money? There’s nothing you need buy. Heaven is not marred by shopping malls or factory outlet stores. Stocks and bonds, gem stones and jewelry are worthless. Forget those works of arts. Perhaps the old Masters are present in Heaven, busily painting the heavenly wonders. The streets are paved with gold and the dew drops must look like diamonds. Every desire of the heart is provided. Things we value most on Earth we would leave behind. Even if we were allowed to take things with us, why would we? What could we take that we wouldn’t have in Heaven? Unneeded items soon loose their value.

The thought came to me, there must be things that are a part of us and would not be left. First and foremost, we could take love. Love for our God and Savior. Love of our parents. Love for our children and our friends. We can also take memories. If we will know our loved ones in Heaven, then we have to take some memories along. Surely we do not arrive with a blank slate where our brain shoud be.

I do not believe all memory is erased when we cross over. Perhaps bitter or unpleasant ones will be gone, but not the real and lasting ones. Other emotions, such as compassion and happiness will also accompany us. Don’t think I will need a suitcase to pack those things. When I get to the gate of Heaven I may appear to be empty handed, but I won’t be. You just won’t be able to see my heart full of love, or my head full of memories.

I believe I can take it with me.


Clara Wersterfer