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Why Should I Love Them?

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Forgiveness, Love, Poems

Jesus, why should I love them?

First, because you did not condemn.

Loving them should be my task,

First of all, because you ask.

Second, I should have the same love as you, my master,

Because without your love, they will end in disaster!

After all, you were willing to let the Romans do their worst,

Because you put my eternal destiny first.

You were willing to let them torture you for hours on end,

Simply because you wanted to be my friend?

Without you, they will burn alive and never, ever die!

In heaven, though, there is never any pain, and no one will ever cry.

You loved me simply out of pity and what I would go through.

Can’t I then do this simple thing for you?

Shouldn’t I love them simply because it’s the decent thing to do?

How can I enjoy Heaven and not invite someone else to come with me?

How can I be safe from Hell and not rescue someone else from sulfuric eternity?

You could have enjoyed Heaven, alone.

But you put our needs before your own.

Why can’t we share with others what you have made known?

You could have had your Father and the Spirit and the angels and no pain of your cross.

Yet, you were positively obssessed about our loss!

You counted it a small thing to come and pay our cost.

Otherwise, into everlasting burning sulfuric acid we would all have been tossed!

For your compassionate heart, that was just too big a cost.

So can’t we even bother to reach the lost?

You endured bolts of agonizing pain,

Which must have nearly driven you insane.

And all that, just to reach humanity?

Can’t I even bother, then, to help someone else enjoy eternity?

Wasn’t that done for me?

Without you, Jesus, just where would I be?

We both know the answer, don’t we!

Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited.” Someone once asked me, “Does your book on the book of “Revelation” have a happy ending?” I quipped, “That depends. You get to choose the ending!” This book is a verse by verse walk through the book of “Revelation” designed for people who know nothing about the Bible and who think “Revelation” is boring and confusing. The book is neither! Once you understand the code, it is very easy to read and very hard to forget. Vivid visions of Heaven’s stunning colors, Hell’s exquisite punishments, Christ’s blazing glory, Antichrist’s incredible defeat, and cosmic cataclysms that will shatter our planet and send the sun into wild frenzies between blazing fire and pitch blackness-all these visions will hold the reader’s attention from first page to last. “Secret of the Psalms.” This book is designed to prove to skeptics that the life of Jesus really was predicted a thousand years in advance. Only God could have foretold the future with such intricate detail. “Grandfather’s Journal.”


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