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Why is Jesus the Only Way?

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

Why is he the only key when I pray?

Why does he have the final say?

No one else would tolerate my sin!

No one else would get me out of what I got in.

No one else could predict the future like he can.

No one else could be Almighty God who became a man.

No one else could calm a storm, heal the sick, raise the dead, with a word, a breath!

No one else could raise himself from death.

A dead corpse came to life and had lunch with eleven astonished men!

They were transformed from cowards into conquering lions then!

I believe those witnesses from way back when.

That courage is mine to face whatever Satan throws my way.

Of course, Jesus has to be the only way!

Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited.” John retells his amazing story about the day he was under arrest on the island of Patmos and Jesus showed up in all his glory and told him about the end of the world. “Secret of the Psalms.” Astonishing proof that Jesus was unique. His life was predicted in astounding detail a thousand years in advance. “Grandfather’s Journal.” A boy hates going to church every single week and sees no point in it. He is also terrified of death. One day, he reads his grandfather’s final journal entries. The boy discovers that grandfather felt the very same way! What was it that changed his grandfather’s mind? What made grandfather fall in love with Jesus, and lose his fear of death?