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  Why did You Forsake Your Son? A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

My God! My God! Why did you forsake your Son!

He was your pride, your special One.

So alone without one friend.

They mocked Him to the bitter end.


What would I do if it were me?

What if I could decide eternity.

Would I refuse to ever let them treat my son that way?

Or, would I let those awful people have their way?


Oh the thought of billions completely alone!

Billions without hope, and on their own.

Eternal anguish for them, that no one on earth has known!


Oh, 2 anguished cries!

One from the sweet Holy One as he dies.

The other, from billions, forever, in burning sulfur, which so terrifies!


Which anguish would I choose?

Which side ought to lose?

If I were to do nothing, how dreadful that news!


Ah, joy for billions in paradise,

were I to allow so great a sacrifice!

Would this be worth so great a price?


I had no power to decide,

But you, God, weighed my plight as your Son died!

I could almost wish I had burned in hell,

if only your Son were treated well!


Almost, but not quite,

for my anguish would have been too great!

Still, how unfair to expose your lovely Son to so much hate!


I am so sorry this was done to you.

Oh what a wretched race we are,

and such awful things we do!

Yet, all of that, you already knew.


You didn’t have to ever create.

You never had to endure our hate.

Why did you ever create anyone like me?

Why did you let me juggle eternity?


Jesus endured Roman spikes that sent fire through every nerve.

That was something he clearly did not deserve.

Yet from that course he would not swerve.


Was I really worth all that pain?

Yet, everlasting, flaming sulfuric acid, would have driven me insane!

Thank you for saving me from that awful fate!

Surely, hell will be deserved by those who cling to their hate!


Oh monstrous crime! Rejecting the love of your perfect son.

Though hell is hell indeed, I suppose it must be done.


Chris Hansen


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