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  Where is Your Family? A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Family, Poems

Where is your family………the one that once claimed you?

The Mother who loved you and did all she could do.

The Daddy who protected you with all of his being;

Watching over you at all times even without your seeing.

The little sister who teased you, but looked up to you in every way;

If she could only see you now……..what do you think she would say?

The older brother who always picked on you and made you so mad;

He’d give anything to get you back, to have what you two had.

When was the last time you ate?………….you look awfully drawn and gaunt;

Alcohol and drugs are your food and comfort, is this the life you want?

You live in a dog-eat-dog society, doing anything just to survive;

That’s not the life God intended for you, He wants all His’ children to be alive!

You feel so dirty in your soul that you can’t find your way out;

Satan has taken you where he wants you…….he planted that seed of doubt.

Christ is standing at the door knocking, waiting for you to open it up;

Invite Him into your heart to reside and let Him overflow your cup.

That family that use to claim you, will gladly claim you once more;

They have been waiting all this time for you to walk through the door.

Swallow your sinful pride, and let God take control;

He will lead you back to all you knew, He will bring you back into His’ fold.


By: Pat Finn


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