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When God Listens

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Communication, Poems

In the dead of the night
When everyone’s asleep but me;
I talk to my God and
He listens to me.

I tell of my hopes and my dreams,
I pray for my family you see,
For in them I see the
fulfillment of all my dreams.

My husband, son, and grandson; all preachers
Receive the lion’s share of my prayers,
But my maiden granddaughters
Are also mentioned a lot as they
Choose their life’s mate.

You think my God is not interested?
Then you don’t know the God I serve
For He has bid me come to His throne
And he listens with a heart that really cares.

Do you know the God of the Bible?
The one who said, “Come unto me.”?
Then you too have a friend to talk with
When you can’t sleep!

By Audrey Byars Mullen


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