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When a Good Thing Becomes a Bad Thing

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Trials

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God”. Romans 8:28

Are you ever tempted to second-guess God? What about that time the car wouldn’t start and finally, as you were driving to your appointment – late – you saw a fatal accident along your way? Or a certain item that you wanted but couldn’t get for some reason and later you found the same item – ON SALE? This kind of experience could be viewed as a bad thing turned good.

Dundee came into my life about a year ago. He was a ‘rescue kitty’ and a gift from my grandsons. The rescue center where he came from guessed his age to be about 4 months and he was s-o-o cute and friendly and funny.

A rescue kitty often has many hardships before it is rescued and in Dundee’s case it left its scars. Dundee is very afraid of big dogs and loud noises.

My grandsons have a golden retriever named Salida. Salida is a very well mannered young lady, very friendly and she rarely barks or gets ruffled but she IS curious and this new ball of fur at my house was very interesting to her. Dundee, on the other hand, was NOT impressed with HER! In fact, he was SO UNIMPRESSED that he became very creative as to hiding places. Early on, he learned to associate the opening of the garage door with a visit from Salida and so whenever he hears the garage door opening, he will run and hide. Funny little kitty!

Recently we had a big rainfall. Now here in Canada most places have basements and those basements have sump pumps. On the day of this story, I noticed that Dundee was running and hiding often – and I realized that he was hiding every time the sump pump came on. He mistook a good thing – the operation of the pump – for a bad thing (in his mind) the opening of the garage door; which might lead to a visit from the D-O-G!

Are we so different? Do we mistake a good thing for a bad thing? I wonder.

Wynona Gordon


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