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  What’s Your Excuse? A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

I over slept, the gas in my car was too low;

I was a little sick and just couldn’t go.

We had company and they stayed over night;

To get up and leave them, just wouldn’t be right.

I worked overtime all week and I’m really tired;

I looked in my closet and had nothing to wear.

I couldn’t get the kids ready, I needed a hand;

God will forgive me, cause he understands.

What is your excuse, what will you tell the Lord;

When you aren’t in His house, when they open the door?

What excuse will you give, what will you do?

God has heard it all, nothing you say is new.

Every child of God’s should be in church come Sunday morning;

It’s all in God’s book, He has given you His warning.

When you get to heaven, what will you do?

When God says………..”Move on, I don’t know you”.


Pat Finn

July 17, 2006


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