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What If

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Thankfulness

I sometimes like to play this mental game:

What if my home and goods were destroyed by flame?

What if I were falsely accused and treated by everyone with disgust and shame?

What if my family and each friend, Met an agonizing end?

What if I shuddered in prison enveloped by my fears.

What if I knew that I would stay thus for years?

What if I spent thus in loneliness and tears?

What if I were tortured to the brink of madness each and every day?

What if there appeared to be no answer each time that I would pray?

Would there be any solace for my troubled soul?

Yes, indeed! Jesus is in control! His love for me, nothing can possibly sever.

One day I will live with him in ecstatic joy forever.

My salvation doesn’t depend on me being good or hard-working or clever.

Will I ever see hell? No! Not ever!

And as for my family and friends who have trusted Jesus whom I so deeply love?

Celebration will be ours above!

Would these tortures I imagine break my spirit and make me doubt?

Would I wonder if Jesus was anywhere about?

Yes, of course! I am only human after all.

Even so, my sweet Jesus would never let me fall!

He would save me even if I had lost the strength on him to call.

He would encircle me like a protecting wall.

I would arrive broken and bleeding at his kingdom hall.

He would put me all back together once again.

Boy would we have a fine time together then!

Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited.” Just when things can’t get any worse, God gloriously puts this world back together again. This is a page-turning trip through the book of “Revelation.” “Secret of the Psalms.” God sees our future as if it had already passed. This book proves it. The entire life of Jesus was predicted in minute detail centuries in advance. “Grandfather’s Journal.” A troubled boy who is terrified of death and bored with church finds peace at long last in Jesus. Bookstores. 1-888-795-4274.