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  Watching Over Me A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | God Cares, Poems

My testimony I’d like to share.
When I was not aware
God was always there watching over me.
All the time when I could not see,
He was there, His hand on me.
I must confess I’m abundantly blessed,
although some would disagree,
God has always been there for me.
Through trials and tears, through heartache and fears,
God, my Father watches over me.
Nine years of my life, my parents sacrificed.
Their sacrifice was great, but it came too late.
They were gone much too fast, their lives too quickly passed.
When they were taken, surely I was shaken.
Again God blessed, my brother was the best.
He gave up his liberty to give me security.
He made a home for me through his generosity.
Through out my life, through pain and strife,
the good times and bad, times of loneliness when I was sad,
times I questioned intensely what would become of me,
no one to turn to; but I’ve learned the truth.
It’s hard to conceive but I’ve come to believe
my Heavenly Father always watches over me.
I could have done what others have done,
become what others have become,
gotten on alcohol, drugs; into prostitution;
a ward of a state run institution;
a life of evil orchestrated by the devil.
I can only repeat, I really believe,
my Heavenly Father watches over me.
In my darkest hours, in times of distress,
I could have turned from God and become depressed.
When I was aware of nothing but despair,
I called on God my Father in prayer.
I’ve felt His Presence and known He was there.
His Presence is not physical; Someone I can see.
There were times I questioned; it was hard to believe.
But when I reflect on those times of despair,
I can only conclude and confess He was there,
only His hand could have rescued me.
No other possibility.
My Father, my Lord is still watching over me.


By Nell Berry 3/9/06