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  Trumpeting A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Here I am, I say, seemingly, all alone. Some of those who walk around me, seem concerned for themselves, their own.   Maybe they haven’t heard, Maybe they’ve closed their minds, not knowing, that with a little seeking, they may find.   The most difficult way is the selfish way; carrying all burdens in heaps.. . . unwilling to trust the Savior, as fear begins to creep.   The longer one insists to carry his burden alone, the heavier that burden grows, until all is gone.   Carrying burdens will make us bend, will bring us into destruction; will take away those things from us, that have grown more important, than the One Who is filled with Resurrection.   He is the only One, Who can bring us out of the pit; He is the Only One, Who can give us energy, so that we do not quit.   It’s time to become a vessel, to open up the spout.   It’s time to go forth in faith, and to remove all fear and doubt.   © 2007  Sandra Lewis Pringle


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