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These Things — A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Sitting here pondering this question today,

   About things in my life that were taken away,

Looked up at the sky and I asked Him above,

The answer was that He replaced it with love.

The problems I’ve had with my fellow man,

Carefully placed in my life so I’d understand.

I’ve cried out in anguish, I’ve cried out in woe,

Just learning these things that He wants me to know.

And when I get tired and I think it’s all done,

My problems are over, the war has been won,

Those times I am weary and can’t think at all,

He solves all my problems, no matter how small.

The things that He gives me are only a test,

To never be perfect and just do my best.

Though hardships are many and get in the way,

“This too shall pass” and there’ll be a new day!

Sharlett Hunt